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Tilkynning 12.07.2019

In time we will Introduce, cost-effective solution

We believe that if Skúli and his best people can rebuild Wow air then we as individuals in this country should join to help. Therefore, we encourage individuals and businesses to contribute small share capital through the masses and ensure Wow air operations in the future.


We believe that if we collect at least 10-20,000 shareholders, it is best to create a private limited liability company that would invest in Wow air or a new low cost airline. Then one might think that the new private limited liability company should get a man in the board to secure the general shareholders protection.



a) If Skúli and his people fail to build the company with them, they should seriously examine the establishment of a new low-cost airline owned by those involved. This is nothing but an attempt to promote further competition, restore economic growth and ensure purchasing power that no one needs to be ashamed of. If Wow air cannot be restored and / or a new low-cost airline is created then no subscription (share capital) will become binding and will be canceled.



b) If Skúla (or anyone else) manages to rebuild the company, and or establish a new company. Then there is a likelihood that it will increase competition and growth. Anyone who contributes to this issue could make a good investment, which could be placed on the market in the future, or converted into a ticket to name a few.

After the Wow air went bankrupt, the price of airline tickets has increased, and foreign investors have bought shares in competitors, as it is now apparent that Icelanders will benefit from traveling. Don't let the rivalry destroy our quality of life. Take part and sign up for a subscription for capital to build a Wow air or a new budget airline, which is part of a foreign travel ticket. Our contribution is what is needed to ensure public travel safety, competition, employment and further increase purchasing power and tourism, all of us for prosperity. Merging for initial capital, we do not need to put much effort into each one because many things do one big one, ie. airline.

Our group

Dedicated to general competition.


We are individuals who see that the operation of low-cost airline owned by Icelanders is a viable option and we want people to work together to rebuild Wow air or establish a new low-cost company, which is one of the nation's most important interests today.


The individuals who make this site and the prospective private limited company have not worked for Wow air and are not affiliated with the company in any way.



These parties are sponsored by Sólhús ehf. Id. 411003-3450.

The site administrator is Fridrik Atli Guðmundsson.

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